Our Mission

Desert Star Academy, a college preparatory school, strongly believes that every child in a community has the ability to achieve high academic success when provided with a foundation rich in academic rigor, student engagement and comprehension of basic and complex information. It is the conviction that Desert Star Academy will create a positive, collaborative learning community that will empower  all students to become excelling and accountable scholars; productive citizens in their community and future leaders of society.

Our Core Values


  • All scholars will use their strengths to grow emotionally and academically to achieve excellence.


  • Desert Star Academy will provide a learning culture where excellence is the standard.


  • Each scholar will learn in a safe, nurturing environment where self-confidence will be developed and where the scholar is encouraged to take educational risks, accept challenges and learn new concepts.


  • Collaboration among scholars, teachers, families, and community partnerships are responsible for educating a college bound scholar to achieve excellence.

Our History

Desert Star Academy scholars are living proof of the uniquely high-quality learning experience provided daily.  Desert Star was founded in 2012 by school Director, Margie Montgomery.  The program began with a preschool program for 3, 4 and 5 year old children.  The curriculum focuses on Arizona Common Core Standards, community awareness, and leadership opportunities for every preschooler in the community.  Due to the demanding expectations placed on Kindergartners to read and write, Desert Star Academy Preschool prepares each scholar to exceed the expectations of Kindergarten standards, beginning on day one.  Comment from Desert Star parents include, “I am SO proud to say that my daughter is reading at 3, when her friends are just learning their colors” and “It is worth the drive from Bullhead”.

In addition to the high quality educational experience of learning to read and write, each Desert Star scholar also spends part of their day becoming aware of their community as they listen and participate in activities and events that local businesses bring to the preschool each month.  Scholars learn to paint ceramics and mold clay.  Vegetables grown on straw bales taught the scholars of the life cycle of plants, and scholars are exposed to aspects of architecture through building small projects.

The multi-age program allows the older children to take on leadership roles by reading to or helping with flash card exercises with the younger children.  Character Education is a vital portion of the curriculum at Desert Star, and these opportunities are part of the monthly themes presented to the scholars.   Desert Star’s successful program is based on diverse learning experiences designed to develop each child socially and emotionally, while emphasizing academics and the personal reward and satisfaction that comes from academic success.

Proof of the success of Desert Star’s core values and educational excellence is revealed in the 2017-2018 school year, when the program expanded to include all students attending Kindergarten through the Eighth grade

Language Arts, Mathematics, and Writing are aligned to Arizona Common Core Standards.  Emphasis on technology serves to further round out the exceptional experience of Desert Start Academy scholars.  All scholars will access online lessons and create projects as part of their learning expectations.  Daily curriculum also focuses on Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education.  Technology is integrated throughout all of the lessons.