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    Interscholastic sports constitute a part of the total education program as scholars will learn the game basics, teamwork and leadership skills. The goal of Desert Star Academy is to involve as many scholars as possible in a wide variety of interscholastic sports and activities, developing their skills in a competitive environment in order to prepare them for high school both as scholars and athletes. Eligibility is determined by try-outs. The amount of playing time is not guaranteed. The athletic code of conduct for each sport will be established by the coaches and approved by the site administration. The coaches will hold the scholars accountable for academic and behavioral performance.  Desert Star Academy's Interscholastic Sport Offerings are football and volleyball in the fall, boys and girls basketball in the winter and baseball, softball and track in the spring.

    Athletic Participation Packet

    An Athletic Participation Packet must be completed and verified before a scholar may participate in the practice of an athletic sport. This packet requires basic scholar demographic information, permission to participate, a physical examination, health insurance information, and permission to treat in an emergency. Individual coaches may ask for additional information as deemed necessary per activity. Scholars/Parents may pick up packets from their coach, the front office or  download the attached link below. All packets must be returned to the front office before a scholar may participate in extracurricular sports.  Scholars must pick up, and return a completed athletic packet to the office before they can try-out or practice with a team. Most sports require scholar try-out. All participants must pay a $50.00 athletic fee per sport upon selection to a team. Scholars will get two weeks from the date of team selection to pay in the front office. Failure to pay athletic fees will result in dismissal from the team. 

    Athletic Rules and Regulations

    The academic policy shall apply to all scholars who choose to participate in the school’s interscholastic programs. Grade checks will be conducted weekly and/or prior to the game. Scholars failing one or more classes will be ineligible for that week’s events this includes core classes and electives. Scholars will be offered an opportunity to improve grades and return to eligible status the following week.  To participate in extracurricular activities (practices, rehearsal, performance, competition), the scholar is required to attend all classes the day of an activity. Should an activity be scheduled on a Saturday, Thursday’s attendance will apply. The only exceptions allowed will be circumstances beyond the control of scholars, as determined by the coach, athletic director, or unavoidable absence verified by parent and/or school administrator.  Any scholar suspended from campus (OSS) is ineligible to practice, participate, or compete for the duration of the out of school suspension.  Coaches will establish rules for game day participation. Scholars may be benched from starting or participating on a game day based on academic eligibility, disciplinary status, or the team contract.

    Parents and Guardians please make sure to print both parts of the sports physicals.

    Access to Part 1 of the School Physical

    Access to the Part 2 of the Sports Physical


     Volley Ball Players getting ready for a serve