Desert Star ElementAry

Desert Star Academy Elementry School is for grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Our school offers Scholars a very complete curriculum which  includes life skills and small group learning activities, 

Desert Star Middle school

Desert Star Spartans are grades 6 through 8. Spartan Scholars already have established a proud tradition of excellence.

Desert Star Preschool

Desert Star Preschool welcomes all preschoolers in the community to experience an early child development program that focuses on nurturing children’s cognitive, social emotional, physical and creative development.  Young scholars build confidence through fun, engaging activities, creative learning experiences and role modeling and playing to build self-confidence and desire for learning.

The highly qualified teachers use multiple forms or ongoing assessment to evaluate scholar’s performance and development in different learning domains and share progress with you throughout the year.

Learning Experiences at Desert Star Preschool


During small group instruction teachers conduct math and reading lessons individually while other scholars rotate i

independently through learning centers.

  • Desert Star Preschool uses a structured reading readiness program and activities that enable teachers to build each scholar’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  All scholars will learn 20 sight words and related vocabulary.  They will learn letters, letter sound associations, decoding and emergent reading skills.  They play word games, and highlight the use of rhyme and alliteration in specific books and nursery rhymes.  This program is researched based for scholar success.

  • Math development is supported by Everyday Math Skills from McGraw Hill.  This program builds on number sense and what the scholar’s already know.  They learn to sort, classify, distinguish same and different, and count to 50.  This program is researched based and has proven to prepare scholars for math success in the future.


          Time                                                      Activity 

8:00 - 9:00                    Free Play and individual instruction for half day scholars

9:00                               Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar and Counting

9:15                               Good Morning song and activity

9:30                               Snack and recess

9:45                               Language Arts / Math Centers

10:30                             Recess

10:45                             Story time

11:30                             Lunch ? Recess

12:00                             Recess / Naptime

1:00                               Writing

1:30                               Art / Craft

2:00                               Singing, dancing or free movement of play

2:30 - 5:00                    Free play                                                                             

Preschool Contact

Phone     928 788-3987

Address    5635 Hwy. 95

                 Fort Mohave, AZ 86426

             (928)770-4523    |   |   5744 Hwy 95, Fort Mohave, AZ 86426 

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